Our Handcrafted sweets are made with the Middle East’s most nutritious pantry staples and with respect to its simple, minimally processed, and down-to-earth cooking tradition.


Sesame seeds are native to the Middle East and tahini’s history goes back thousands of years, while cacao only arrived in this region some hundreds of years ago. However, the match between this Middle Eastern native bride and south American native groom results in a delicious and nutrient-rich product. Made with tahini as the main ingredient, free of dairy, and lightly sweetened with raw honey, our tahini chocolates are designed for both tahini and intense cacao flavor lovers. We offer 3 flavors, each one of them tell a different story. The photos on the product's packaging had been taken by our team during their travels across the region. We recommend storing this product in the fridge if room temperature is above 70℉.


May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

sesame shower

Lightly salted tahini chocolate soaked with generous amounts of roasted sesame and showered with even more seeds- especially for all those sesame lovers!  


almonds & seeds

Cinnamon spiced almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds swimming in a pool of creamy tahini and silky chocolate. Watch your bites, it's pretty crowded out there!    


arabic coffee 

Ground Arabic coffee with a note of cardamom jazzing up a blend of tahini and chocolate. The night is still young!    


In the ancient Middle East, dates were offered to guests as an expression of hospitality. They helped restore the energy of the desert travelers and support their body with important nutrients. To this day, dates are still an important ingredient in Middle Eastern desserts, and our date rolls are a nod to that ancient custom. Our simple recipe consists of a blend of nutritious and beneficial ingredients from the Middle Eastern pantry: fruit, seeds, nuts, and spices. It is shaped like a long log and can be enjoyed as a satisfying snack or dessert with family and friends.


pecan & seeds 

Pecan and a bunch of seeds (pumpkin and sesame) joined together by a delicate fragrance of orange and cinnamon and gathered with dates and tahini in a dark cave. Open sesame!  


almond & pistachio

Chunks of almonds and pistachios spiced up with cardamom and wrapped in sweet dates and golden tahini. An truly authentic Middle Eastern story.  


fig & nuts 

Orange zested walnuts and hazelnuts dancing with tahini, dates, and plumped figs. 

It's a hafla! (“party” in Arabic)    

carob & coconut 

Sweet, natural grounded carob and sesame seeds blended with two members of the palm tree family (aka coconut and dates). 

It tastes like an exotic story.