2 Butters for $16.00

2 Butters for $16.00

Add to your basket any 2 of our flavorful sesame butter for only $16.00.

Choose between Halvah, Pistachio, or Cacao.

Use the <note> box at checkout to write us which flavors you choose.   


Note: sesame contains more oil than most nuts and seeds and this natural oil tends to separate, creating a thick solid at the bottom of the jar.  Many commercial manufacturers add additional oil to maintain the smooth creamy texture but we prefer to let the tahini shine, which results in a solid, sometimes crumbly consistency. 

Stir well before use, or place the jar in a warm bath (a bowl filled with hot water, avoid liquid entering the jar) to soften. 


This sesame butter doesn't need to be refrigerated and will not spoil. Always use a clean, dry spoon for stirring and scooping, and avoid double-dipping. Store Opened jar in a cool, dry place and use it within three months. 


    Go to each flavor page for product info.  



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