2 Butters for $16.00

2 Butters for $16.00

Add to your basket any 2 of our flavefull sesame butters for only $16.00 .

Choose between Halvah, Pistachio or Cacao.

Use the <note> box to write us which flavros you choose.   


Note: sesame contains more oil than most nuts and seeds and it tends to separate, creating a very thick solid at the bottom of the jar (thicker than in a peanut or almond butter).

Most commercial manufacturers add additional oil (palm, usually) to maintain the smooth creamy texture. We try to avoid that and that results in a solid, sometimes crumbly consistency.  

To reach a creamy, smoother texture, place the jar in a warm bath (bowl filled with hot water, avoid liquid entering the jar) to soften, then stir well and enjoy.  


Product does not need to be refrigerated. please avoid double dipping and use only clean, dry cutlery.  


    Go to each flavor page for product info.  



    Order is shipped in 2-3 business days and should arrive in 2 days.


    This is a non-returnable/refundable item.