Breakfast Bundle

Breakfast Bundle

Start your day the Middle Eastern way: Mix tahini with date syrup and spread it on a slice of grain-free seeded bread, add a spoonful of date syrup into your plain yogurt for a subtle sweetness, and then top it with sweet dukkah (an Egyptian mix of nuts, seeds, and spices). Nourish and energize yourself and everyone gathered around your table with a slice from our date roll. Find all these in our 5-items breakfast bundle: 

1 Tahini Loaf 

1 Organic Tahini Paste  

1 Date Syrup (Silan)     

1 Sweet Dukkah 

1 Date Roll of your choice: Date Roll w/almonds & pistachio, w/pecan & seeds, w/carob & coconut, w/fig & nuts. 


If you wish to select specific flavors, please use the note box for that before checking out or send us an email with your selection.

Due to the loaf's limited shelf-life, we currently ship this bundle only to the following states:  MA, NH, MI, VA, RI, CT, NY, NJ. 



    Bundle contains:

    1 x 13.4 oz Tahini Loaf

    1 x 11.5 oz OrganicTahini Paste

    1 x 11.5 oz  Natural Sweet  Syrup 

    1 x 11.5 oz  Sweet Dukkah 

    1 x 8.8 oz Date Roll 


    For the ingredients list go to each product page.     


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