Carob Syrup

Carob Syrup

The thick carob syrup is made by soaking milled carob pods in water and reducing the extracted liquid. For the Middle Easterners, carob (as well as date syrup) is what maple syrup is for the Americans. Use it to sweeten up food and drinks, or as an ingredient in cooking and baking.


Product does not need to be refrigerated. Please avoid double dipping and use only a clean, dry spoon. 





    Package Size: 11.5oz (344 g)

    Ingredients: Carob, Water.
    Manufactured in a shared use facility. May contain trace amount of Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, and Soy.

    No added Sugar, Preservatives, No Gluten Ingredients, Dairy-Free



    Order is shipped in 2-3 business days and should arrive in 2 days.


    This is a non-returnable/refundable item.