Middle Eastern Cookout - 8 guests

Middle Eastern Cookout - 8 guests

Book our outdoor Middle Eastern experience for your party of 8 . 


Our outdoor experience includes practice of one of the simple and primitive cooking techniques – fire. We will demonstrate how to fire-roast eggplant, bake pita bread on the fire pit and cook root vegetables in charcoals. During this event guests will learn to cook ancient grains and legumes- incredibly hearty dishes, with the region’s typical vegetables, herbs, and spices, and will enjoy a grill-cooked dessert.

Cooking will be demonstrated; participants will be seated in a safe distance in an outdoor setting and will be served a full meal. Throughout the event we will share stories, and discuss ingredients characterized and dishes variations. 


Event is 2.5 hours long. Contact us to schedule your event. 

Contact us to book this event for your party.


    All dishes are vegeterians .  


    Cancel your reservation a week before the schedule class date for a full refund.  

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