We present you the flavors and cooking methods of the Eastern Mediterranean kitchen and invite you to sit around our dining table. Enjoy our line of handcrafted tahini goods made with the most nutritious Mediterranean pantry staples, and join our cooking and dining events, where we share Israeli food and culture, and provide our guests with the skills they need to bring these authentic flavors into their own kitchen.   


Tahini- a paste that is made from roasted ground sesame seeds, a key ingredient in hummus, and commonly eaten as a savory sauce drizzled over falafel.
But with its delicious nutty flavor and rich creamy texture, there are many more ways to enjoy tahini. It can replace flour and be baked into a loaf of seed bread, integrated into sweet baked goods, eaten with fruits and natural sweeteners, and paired perfectly with chocolate!
And the best part?
Tahini has an excellent nutritious profile*. It’s a good source of plant-based fat, rich in protein, and packed with vitamins and important minerals. It’s the nutrient-rich staple you need to add to your daily diet.
We invite you to experience our out-of-this-world delicious and super nutritious tahini creations. 

*Read more about tahini's health benefits in our blog post Why is Tahini so good for you. 


With a rich and complex flavor, and excellent nutritious profiles, our sesame butters are a fresh new take on nut butter. We offer five distinctive flavors that are made with organic tahini as the base-ingredient, and just a few simple superb ingredients. Our butters are minimally processed, naturally sweetened, and free of gluten, added sugar and preservatives. Enjoy it on a bread, add a spoonful to your breakfast bowl, drizzle it over ice cream, use it as a dip, or blend it into fruit smoothie.


Sweets provide a burst of energy and an instant mood boost, and we at Sweet Tahini Co. believe that natural sugar should be a part of everyone’s diet. Inspired by our Mediterranean roots, we blend fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices, and create tasty and nutrient-packed bites for your wholesome indulgence.


Tahini and chocolate pair so well together that our Tahini Chocolate Bar has become favorite among many of our customers. The base ingredients in this chocolate treat is tahini, and we add to that the pure ingredients derived from the cacao bean (cacao liquor and cacao butter),  which are rich in minerals and contains antioxidants. We use raw honey as a sweetener, and bled in roasted sesame seeds or sunflower seeds. This mildly sweet chocolate bar is free of dairy, nuts, gluten and added sugar, and provide chocolate lovers a guilt free indulgence. Stop by our farm stand to experience it for yourself.


Avoiding gluten? We have the perfect sandwich bread for you. Tahini paste tareplaces the flour and oil in SWEET TAHINI sesame grain-free bread, and ground flax seeds, and black and white sesame seeds contribute to its  distinctive texture and taste. This dark colored bread is dense and can be also toasted if you wish, it has a neutral taste, and pairs great with both sweet and savory spreads.

                                                                  COOKING TOGETHER

We are proud of our roots and we love every opportunity to interact with our customers. The Isreali Cooking Classes were developed with exactly that in mind.


The Israeli Breakfast

The Israeli breakfast is colorful, nutritious, and shaped by many different cultures and religious customs. It’s fresh, delicious, and has many stories to tell.

We invite you to join us for a cultural and social hands-on cooking experience, as we prepare together Israeli classic breakfast dishes, that you can enjoy any time of the day:  Shakshuka, Borekas, Jerusalem Bagels, Chopped Israeli salad, Tahini, Hummus, and Halvah.

You will learn to use simple baking and cooking techniques, you will smell, taste and discuss ingredients, and hear about the background of each dish.

We will end the workshop sitting around the table and enjoying what we have prepared, accompany by more must-haves like variety of white cheeses and olives.

You will take home recipes, samples, and lots of tips for everyday easy and fast meals preparation.

East Mediterranean Feast

Cooking the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean way means cooking with senses and intuition, improvising with available ingredients and all dishes laid out on the table at once in a vibrant display.  

Feasting in this region is not just for satisfying appetite, it's a social affair.  

Join us for a unique hands on cooking experience, and learn to cook by watching, smelling, touching and tasting.

Our instructor is a home cook, not an acclaimed chef.  Our cooking style is informal and food is characterized by great generosity and hospitality.

Dishes will include: falafel,  pitta bread, and assortment of dips and salad. You will also cook Majadra (rich and lentil dish) and enjoy an authentic aromatic dessert.

We will end the class sitting around the table, enjoying a delicious and nourishing meal.

You will take home recipes, samples, and the skills you need to bring East Mediterranean flavors into your own kitchen. 

Class&meal is 3 hrs long. 

The Class&meal take place in a residential licensed kitchen in Needham, MA. 

Cost $70.00/person.

Contact us if you wish to reserve an event for a min. of 6 participants. Max - 10.

Pre-payment is required through our online shop after a date is scheduled.



"My daughter and I took this class together and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Hila was wonderful!  The class was relaxed, informative

and the food was delicious. We went home with the recipes, ready to cook! We’d recommend this class and well as take another

one if she offered something else."


"I really enjoyed the afternoon. At first I was concerned that perhaps you were trying to do too many dishes, but I think it worked

out very well....I thought you were very adaptable and flexible--nothing was an issue--so you made it very comfortable...At the end,

we all felt like staying longer...I was really excited for the cooking, but it was also very interesting to hear how you are building your business." 



"She was terrific, highly spirited and very knowledgeable. She made everyone feel welcome and the information she transmitted

was complete and well organized including handouts. We participated in the class and people were friendly. The setting in her

home was pleasant and easy to find. Parking was abundant and everybody went away having learned from the experience. I would consider another class with her"


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