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There’s nothing more comforting, pleasing, and mood-boosting than a little something sweet. In the ancient Middle East, clusters of raisins, dates, and fig cakes were given as reviving foods, and sweets were created by combining fruits with nuts, and wheat, or sesame butter (tahini) with honey. At Sweet Tahini we take notes from these practices and by combining the region’s nutritious pantry staples, we bring these old time flavors to life.  

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tahini non-dairy ice cream

Tahini&Oat-Based Frozen Dessert   

What makes tahini and oat milk an ideal base for non-dairy ice cream? Oat milk has a natural flavor and a smooth, thick texture that resembles cow’s milk, and its high fiber content leaves you full and satisfied. Tahini contributes loads of nutrients and brings in bright, bold nostalgic flavors rooted in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture (think halvah!) Together, these two powerhouses create an outstanding creamy and delicious experience that benefits your mind and body and supports a better future for our planet.


Tahini Chocolate Fudge Bar 

Meet the chocolate fudge that is made with only nutrient-rich whole food ingredients and the subtle sweetness of raw organic honey. Tahini has been at the front and center of the Middle East’s cuisine for thousands of years, and our tahini-based dairy-free chocolate is an elevated way to experience this delicious and nourishing paste. Loaded with seeds, nuts, and spices, this delight has a super dense texture and a truly distinctive flavor. Gather your family and friends and share a bite-size slice of this wholesome indulgence.

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