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Sesame Butter & Oatmilk Frozen Dessert 

Drizzling tahini on ice cream at the scoop shop, topping it off with date syrup or halvah crumbs, or enjoying frozen dessert with tahini listed high on its ingredients list – these are some of our childhood indulgences.  
Inspired by these nostalgic flavor experiences, and by the many uses of tahini in cuisines across the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, we decided to try using tahini as a base for ice cream. 
Tahini is a top source of plant-based fat, naturally smooth and creamy, and its subtle nutty taste complements a variety of ice cream flavors. To make our base formula even richer and more nutritious, we added oat milk, with its neutral flavor and velvety, thick texture reminiscent of cow's milk, and a high fiber content that leaves you full and satisfied.
Together, these two powerhouses create an outstanding delicious experience rooted in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture, that nourishes your body and mind and helps support a better future for our planet.


Product feature: 

natural ingredients 

rich and creamy without the cow's milk  

dairy-free & plant-based

no gluten ingredients  

good source of fiber 11-18% of DV per serivng 

relatively low sugar 25% less than other plant-based brands 

rich in calcium 8% of DV  per serving 

good source of protein 5-7 gr per serving 

good source of iron 15-30% of DV per serving 

Available in 5 flavors: vanilla bean, cardamom pistachio, cinnamon date, chocolate chips walnuts, and dark chocolate.

Date Sweetened Tahini Chocolate Fudge 

Cultures across the Middle East have been using tahini in desserts for generations (think, halvah!) before US pastry chefs started to swirl it into brownies. Crafted from sesame seeds that are toasted and pressed into a creamy paste with a delicious nutty flavor, tahini perfectly pairs with various flavors, including chocolate.

Our decision to substitute dairy cream with tahini paste in the traditional fudge recipe wasn't driven by innovation but by instinct and common sense. This twist on the traditional delight preserves the same velvety texture and rich flavors, without dairy, white sugar, or gluten ingredients. Formulated with Middle Eastern plant-based essentials like tahini and dates, complemented by raw cacao, and abundant nuts, seeds, and spices, this flavorsome treat delights your taste buds and nurtures your mind and body.

Prodcut features: 

natural ingredients 

dairy-free & plant-based

no gluten ingredients  

naturally sweetened with dates no added sugar 

low sugar only 3 gr of sugar per serving 

rich in calcium and iron

    high in antioxidants     

Available in 3 flavors: sesame, nut&seed, and coffee.

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