We are a food and hospitality company based in Boston, MA. Founded by an Israeli native, our mission is to preserve and transmit the Eastern Mediterranean culinary practices as a model of healthy living and sustainability, and to inspire locals to embrace nutritional simplicity, cook more using available ingredients, and enjoy nourishing meals together.  

Our line of handcrafted goods, made with the most nutritious Eastern Mediterranean pantry staples, let you to take home a taste of our story. Our cooking and dining experiences are designed to bring people together through food and stories and to share a diverse pallet as well as a unique insight on our cooking and hospitality traditions.  


We use tahini in our crafted products, and it’s always at the front and center of our dining events. Made from roasted and grounded sesame seeds, tahini is a nutrient-rich Middle Eastern staple. It’s a good source of plant-based fat, rich in protein, and packed with vitamins and important minerals. While it made its way to the western mainstream as a key ingredient in hummus, this rich, creamy, nutty-flavored component has plenty more, perhaps even better, ways to shine.

Check out our recipes page and learn how one ingredient can bring so many tastes to the plate. 


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My love affair with food and entertainment started in the summer of 2009 when our family moved from Israel to Lubbock, Texas. Thousands of miles away from home —in a place where familiar food ingredients were next to impossible to find— our childhood flavors became a new passion.   


Hila, this is me: an Israeli native, fashion designer by profession, married plus 4, self-taught cook, founder of sweettahini. 

Niv (my other half) used to frequently travel to Lubbock for work. However, we knew nothing about life there and almost no one. As Israelis, we were thrilled about the opportunity to experience life outside of our tiny village.

Life on the high plains was different from what we knew in so many ways, we quickly fell in love with its laid-back vibe. We enjoyed exploring the local traditions, and at the same time, we were spending more and more time in the kitchen making the food we used to eat back home. That is what made us all feel close to our family and friends. 

The way we welcomed new people into our life carried over into this home kitchen too, as hosting became our weekend ritual. We invited guests for a BBQs in our backyard, which looked nothing like the BBQs they have known. We fire-roasted eggplant and served it with tahini, on the table we had hummus plates and pita bread, salads made with vegetables - cooked pr fresh, the latter dressed up with just olive oil and lemon juice. Our mains included Middle Eastern spiced chicken thigh skewers and kababs. We always closed this feast with intense cooked coffee accompanied by an array of desserts: from fresh seasonal fruits to my grandma's babka cake, to the most basic vanilla ice cream from Walmart topped with date syrup's drizzle and halvah crumbs. This was our way to tell our story, share our homeland flavors and culture, and eventually make new friends. 

Five years later, when we moved again, this time to Needham, a suburb of Boston, MA, I knew I have a new path in life. Middle Eastern cuisine was more common in the Northeast but mainly associated with hummus, falafel, and pita. I launched Sweet Tahini in the fall of 2017, with the purpose to share a diverse set of tahini flavors and a wide range of Eastern Mediterranean culinary experiences with local communities.