Date palm orchard, Ein Yahav

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The corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Alenbi Street, Tel Aviv

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Essential spices and seasoning: cumin and, coriander seeds, sumac, cardamom pods, turmeric, za'atar, and dukkah.

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We aim to connect you to the vibrant Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food culture, to take you to the bustling open-air markets in the Levant, bring you the sounds, smells, and sights of Tel Aviv, and offer you a warm welcome in the spirit of the region’s great generosity and hospitality. 

Indulge yourself with our nutritious products, dive into our blog posts, join a dining event, explore our recipes page and cook a classic Eastern Mediterranean dish in your own kitchen. 



Date Rolls 

In the ancient Middle East, dates were offered to guests as an expression of hospitality. They provided desert travelers with a burst of energy and helped restore their bodies with important nutrients. 
Our date rolls are a homage to that past custom. Laden with nuts and seeds and shaped into a 9-inch round log, these wholesome delights provide a genuine experience. Serve in slices for a sweet, healthy snack or dessert to nourish you and everyone gathered around your table. 


There’s nothing more comforting, pleasing, and mood-boosting than a little something sweet. In ancient Middle East, sweets were created by combining fruits with nuts and wheat with honey, and clusters of raisins, dates, and fig cakes were given as reviving foods. At Sweet Tahini, we strive to preserve these old customs, and craft sweets using the region’s most nutritious pantry staples, with great respect to its simple, minimally processed, and down-to-earth cooking traditions.

Food across the Mediterranean and the Middle East is an experience that meant to be shared. In the spirit of the region’s generosity and hospitality, our products are designed for entertaining purposes, to be enjoyed with beer, wine, or on a cheese board, or as a light dessert after a heavy meal.


Tahini Chocolate Fudge Bar 

Meet the chocolate fudge that is made with only nutrient-rich whole food ingredients and the subtle sweetness of raw organic honey. Tahini has been at the front and center of the Middle East’s cuisine for thousands of years, and our tahini-based dairy-free chocolate is an elevated way to experience this delicious and nourishing paste. Loaded with seeds, nuts, and spices, this delight has a super dense texture and a truly distinctive flavor. Gather your family and friends and share a bite-size slice of this wholesome indulgence.



An Egyptian blend of toasted spices, seeds, and nuts, that traditionally had been pounded and crushed in a mortar and pestle. This coarsely ground mix adds crunch and healthy fat to every dish, and pairs perfectly with tahini!

Mix a savory dukkah into olive oil or tahini and dip in bread, sprinkle on a salad, on sliced avocado, cheese spread, or roasted vegetables. Top it on dips, egg, meat, and fish. Sprinkle sweet dukkah on ice cream, garnish desserts, add to yogurt, or blend into pancake batter. Scutter on a fruit salad, or on a toast with butter or cheese spread.  


We use tahini (a nutritious paste made from roasted and grounded sesame seeds) in our crafted products, and it’s always at the front and center of our dining events. Made from roasted and grounded sesame seeds, tahini is a nutrient-rich Middle Eastern staple. It’s a good source of plant-based fat, rich in protein, and packed with vitamins and important minerals. While it made its way to the western mainstream as a key ingredient in hummus, this rich, creamy, nutty-flavored component has plenty more, perhaps even better, ways to shine.

Check out our recipes page and learn how one ingredient can bring so many tastes to the plate. 




Born and raised in Israel, and after spending 10 years building a career in the fashion industry, Hila Krikov and her family moved thousands of miles away from home - to a place where familiar Middle Eastern ingredients were near to impossible to find. In her home in Lubbock, Texas, Hila found a new passion for her childhood flavors. Cooking and sharing Israeli foods and stories became the Krikovs’ way to reconnect with home, share their story, and make new friends.

When the family later moved to the Northeast, Sweet Tahini was born with the goal to introduce the Eastern Mediterranean's sweet staples and with a great desire to share nourishing and sweet flavors that make people feel good and live healthier.

Our product's packagings feature places and scenes across the Eastern Mediterranean region, all photos had been taken by friends and family members who live there. Hover over the bottom left side of each slide to read the description. 


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