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Our Roots

Sweet Tahini is a Massachusetts based small business offering sweet and nutritious prepared food with focus on tahini (ground sesame seeds paste).
The company  was founded in 2017 by Hila Krikov, who grew up in Israel,  where tahini is a staple food. Hila recalls that "Tahini sauce was always on the menu -  no matter if we ate around the kitchen dining table, picnicking on the beach or eating at the falafel stand". Hila's mother and grandmother were avid bakers and fresh home-made goods were always in hand. Babka cakes, authentic halvah and baklava were family favorites.
After graduating from Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, Hila worked in fashion industry for 10 years. In 2009 she relocated to the US with her family following her husband career, first to a small town in Texas, and later to Massachusetts. "During our years in Lubbock, TX, I desperately missed my homeland and memorable childhood flavors, so I started to experiment with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. We used to invite our local friends there to BBQ with us with hummus on the side and tahini cookies for dessert".
Tahini was more familiar in the East Coast,  but mainly associated with Hummus and lack the attention it deserves for its highly exceptional nutritious values and versatility. "I noticed there is a growing desire to eat healthier food but many staples of the Mediterranean diet are missing here. I've stated Sweet Tahini with a very clear mission:  to introduce unique tahini flavors combination to the locals, and highlight  the healthy benefits of this nutriment”.
Sweet Tahini's food stand in farmers markets in greater Boston,  is where you can learn about sesame seeds, the raw ingredient of tahini, and taste variety of tahini products. It’s where you discover that tahini resembles flour, can be baked into nice loaf of bread, tastes good with natural sweeteners such as honey, dates and carob, and pairs perfectly with chocolate. It is where people are inspired to incorporate tahini into their healthy lifestyle and daily diet.